Champagne Fever drops FTLT EP

"The story of Champagne Fever is one of ambition and perseverance. When the now-prolific producer Grey Goon was squatting in a suburban Maryland home with a mattress, fireplace and synthesizers, he met musician Tyler Cole and the two immediately began performing together. Their latest single “Let’s Get Low”, off their forthcoming FTLT EP, screams fuzzy seduction with heavy-hitting drum kicks and distorted bass lines."

-All Things Go on Champagne Fever's song Let's Get Low

"It’s the the same sun soaked, stupidly catchy work we’ve come to expect from the duo. If this track doesn’t make you want to get up and dance, I truly don’t know whats wrong with you. Please seek medical help."  -Brightest Young Things premiere Champagne Fever's song Mean Old Dog


More Press for Wes Period's release "Used To Be"

"Wes is an artist I really respect; he can hold his own behind the boards, but he’s also an extremely talented musician AND writer. In addition to all of these things, he’s easily the freshest motherfucker ever..."   -Good Music All Day

"Wes... delivers positive vibes throughout a reminder of how to enjoy ourselves. Coupled with equally feel-good production from Grey Goon, Wes has another summertime track fit for any playlist  -Waffles and Vibes