Oddnesse on All Things Go

"With booming distortion and blunt force honesty, Oddnesse offers hope at the end of a tumultuous year. Their premiere single ‘Somewhere Somehow’ reaches out like a rescuing hand from torrential waves, blending heavy bass pulsing like deep-seeded frustration and soulful vocals that breach clouded judgement." 

-All Things Go

Oddnesse on Ear Milk

"In a word, addicting. That's really the best way to describe Oddnesse. Though very new to the indie scene, she's already proving to be an innovator in a world where homogeneity is slowly becoming the norm for the music industry."

-Ear Milk

Oddnesse on Pop Dust

"Oddnesse is here to completely change the game, blending lo-fi independence and shape-shifting guitar and piano tones into an intoxicating blur. Her angelic and potent vocal is light as a feather but carries the weight of the world"

-Pop Dust